Our Story

Senior Living Communities in BC

We are proud that H&H Total Care Services continues to be the leader in senior living communities, service and care. For over 25 years, our programs and services have been resident centered for seniors and young adults and their families. We continue to find new and innovative ways to enhance the care and services we provide our residents in our residential care, assisted living and independent living communities.

We know that choosing to live in a senior residential care community is often times a very personal and challenging journey. We invite you and your family to stop by an H&H community today and join us for a meal or one of our great events! Our dedicated team will be on-hand to assist you with finding the right care and services for your family.

We know you will agree that by selecting an H&H residential care or assisted living community, you will have found a senior living community where health and happiness is a way of life.

Andre Van Ryk                               Hendrik Van Ryk
CEO                                                        COO

Our History

H&H is a faith based company that has been providing residential care (or long term care) management, retirement community management since 1989. We have also been called upon by different organizations to provide specific healthcare consulting services throughout BC.

Our Mission

H&H Total Care Services Mission Developing and operating communities of care focused on providing quality outcomes through innovation and responsiveness to the changing needs of those placed under our guardianship.

Our Vision

To be a community where every person, regardless of age, creed, social status, physical or mental capacity is valued for and loved as a precious image bearer of God, and by striving to provide a culture centered on compassion, love and hope in order for each individual to enjoy their true health and happiness.

Our Values

Quality of Life. Loving Care. Honouring Individuals. Integrity. Shared Responsibility.

H&H Team

Our team of highly trained and experienced residential staff and healthcare personnel understand the needs of seniors and young adults and are hand-picked to ensure our residents are always treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Our team and our philosophy for health and happiness are reasons our residences are the preferred places to be.

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