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Residential Care, Independent Living & Assisted Living Communities in BC

mamt-services-insideIn all  residential care communities operated by H&H, each individual – whether a resident, employee, volunteer or family member – will be treated with the upmost respect and value.  Even our name, H&H, points to this mandate.  The first “H” indicates our desire to champion ‘’Health”, for our residents, their families, our staff and our community partners.  The second “H”, points to our goal of ”Happiness” for all stakeholders, as we create a culture where people want to live and  experience contentment, and where health care and management professionals want to spend their careers.

At H&H Total  Care Services Inc we have the proven track record and the understanding and knowledge to make your residential care community flourish and succeed!  H&H’s residential care, independent living and assisted living community management and organization is fully integrated with respect to asset and property management.  Communities  benefit from a centralized administrative and operational corporate office where personnel are responsible for providing strategic direction, centralized finance and accounting, programs, marketing, human resources, risk management and development.

H&H Total Care Services has the experience, capacity and the dedication to manage and operate multiple residential care communities.

H&H’s residential care, independent living and assisted living community  management services include:
•    Expertise with Independent Living, Assisted Living and Residential Complex Care
•    Staff Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, Training
•    Human Resources Management including Collective Bargaining
•    Marketing with Experience Developing Full Scale Campaigns
•    Administration and Accounting Management
•    Accredited Programs and Services
•    Dining and Food Services Management
•    Disciplined Budget Analysis and Implementation
•    Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
•    Maintenance and Physical Plant Enhancement
•    Liaison with all Stakeholders and Pubic Relations
•    Strategic and Operational Planning including “New Build” consultations

For more information on our residential care, independent living and assisted living community management services email H&H Total Care Services Inc today at

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